2018 Calendar


Image of 2018 Calendar

The 12 Musketeers letterpress calendar is a passion project and collaboration between 12 rotating School of Advertising Art graduates in its sixth year. We believe in the power of ideas, collaboration, tactile printed pages, the love of the craft, and honoring the letterpress.

What's included:
  • Hand printed desk calendar: 4.25 inches wide x 6 inches tall letter pressed calendar featuring 12 unique designs by 12 different designers.

  • 2 translucent overlays: A red and green overlay allowing each design to be viewed through 2 different lenses.

  • Wooden stand: Hand cut, locally salvaged oak wood stand.

  • Multipage booklet: A 16-page booklet allowing you to read about each design in more detail to get the full scoop on our concepts.